Casting Crowns – “One More Song For You” (Devotional)

One of the questions I get a lot is what is it like singing in front of thousands of people? When you get up on stage and you just see faces all over the room. How does that feel? This is going to seem like the strangest answer, but I’m not really sure how it feels because when I get on stage, I am singing for about four or five people. I’ve been praying for them since the beginning of the concert.

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Casting Crowns – “One Awkward Moment” (Devotional)

So I was about 19 when I really started feeding myself – getting into the Word for myself. I started seeing things differently. I saw my weakness differently. My weaknesses were always reasons to stay quiet and suddenly I started seeing them as things that were going to make me pray and keep me in a place where I had to depend on God. When suddenly my weakness became my strength, I saw my past different. I saw the things that were haunting me, those scars are now my story and I could offer them to other people and show them how big God’s love is. I started seeing people different. I saw my friends differently. I’d gone to school my whole life like most of us and I’d been a Christian, but I didn’t see people like Jesus did until I began to look at my friendships. I began to look at the people I spent my time with and I began to wonder about their souls. I began to wonder if they knew God, if they were afraid of the same things I was, or if they were going to be in heaven when I got there. Where did they stand with God? And it hurt my heart that I didn’t know. I’d been in friend’s lives for so long and never knew that, but once God shows you something, once God turns the light on in your life, you can’t unknow it. So I was having to face the truth of not knowing where my friends stood every time I hung out with them.

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Casting Crowns – “Awaken Me” (Devotional)

The prodigal son is definitely a theme in this record because it’s a theme in my life. It seems like every time I go to this story I see something new, because there are a lot of different people in this story. It’s not really the story of the prodigal son, it’s the story of two sons. The story when one son bought the lie that he could go free and have everything that was already his, but have it now. The lie that his life would be so much better. He bought the lie and he spent everything he had and found himself eating with the pigs. He found himself in the dirtiest place with the dirtiest things, and even found himself being envious of what the pigs had to eat. He had hit the bottom.

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Casting Crowns – “Nobody” (Devotional)

The song “Only Jesus” has a partner, bookends of sorts to the record, this song is called “Nobody.” When we think about our place in the world and understand why we’re here – there’s no one that knew their place better than John the Baptist. The guy was in the womb jumping up and down about Jesus. Before he was even born he was pointing to Jesus, and that’s all he did his whole life.

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Casting Crowns – “The Bridge” (Devotional)

My son Jaime had just turned 20, and for his birthday we took a trip to New York. We saw all the sites – had all the fun. We went and saw a concert, a very popular band with a huge crowd, and we had great seats. There was so much energy in the room and so much being said. I was surprised by how much positivity was in all the music. As the lead singer kept going, he began sharing a bit of his story. He said to the crowd in love, and I could see it on his face, “You feel that you’re broken, but you’re not,” he said, “You are not broken. You’re perfect just as you are.” The crowd roared – there was such a warm feeling in the room and all I could think was how beautiful that moment was, but it just wasn’t true.

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