“Case For Christ” Movie Review- Stephen McWhirter of Iron Bell Music

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This week, i went to see the movie Case for Christ (watch the trailer). Now, I won’t lie, mostly because I shouldn’t anyways, but I was a little apprehensive after the book played such a major part in my own story, which is also the story behind the song, “God That Saves.”

I grew up the son of a traveling evangelist, but the man I knew in private and the one I knew in public, were not the same. Due to the hypocrisy I witnessed as a child, I believed Jesus was simply fantasy. As I grew into my early teens I wanted nothing to do with Christianity. I was the guy who would get volatile if you even mentioned the name Jesus around me. In this time of my life, I fell into extreme drug addiction. Eventually, I became a crystal meth addict, for about 5 years. During this dark chapter, someone gave me the book, “Case for Christ” by Lee Stroble.

One night, at 3am, I set in a bed reading the book, with drugs next to me on the side table. That night, as I read, I was acutely aware of the presence of God, in the the room. I began to have an internal dialogue with Him, I knew He was real but I didn’t know how to quiet the life of addiction I had known for so long. In that moment, with a thought more powerful than I could ever have imagined, I felt the Lord say, “You don’t have to do it alone, because I will do it!” and in that moment, I believed Him and gave my life to Christ. I found myself with a willpower not my own. Overnight, I went from addiction to redemption. A year later, I was hired as the worship leader for a small church, and began my journey into worship leading and christian songwriting. God is good!

So after that experience, you can see why I was a little nervous about seeing the movie, Case for Christ, and if it would live up to my own sentimental expectations. Guess what? it exceeded them! As I watched the movie I felt even more connected to the power of story than I was already. In the film, Mike Vogel, who plays Lee Stroble, does a great job of capturing the internal struggle of finding the truth, even in the face of doubt, to which I can relate, because as I read the book, years ago, I felt this desire for the historical reality of Jesus to be just a fictional story. Ultimately, this a well-acted, well-written, and well-directed film about searching for the truth, weighing the evidence, and coming to the conclusion that the person and the power of Jesus is real! For years, I have been telling people to read the book, but now I can start telling them, as I am now telling you, “go see the movie, Case for Christ!”

Stephen McWhirter | Iron Bell Music


Stephen is a member of the worship collective IRON BELL MUSIC founded in Louisville, KY. Out of his testimony birthed their first single “God That Saves” which is available where all music is sold and can be heard on local Christian radio stations around the country. For more information on the band LIKE them on Facebook and LISTEN to them on Spotify.

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