Casting Crowns – “Home” (Devotional)

Home Psalms 23:1-4

Have you ever been reading scripture and you see a verse you’re sure was not there the last time you read it? That’s happened to me a lot when I’ve been reading through and suddenly I see a verse that I’ve seen a million times, but I ‘see’ it for the first time. This one was in Psalm 23 and it made me think about enemies in life.

I’ve heard this Psalm probably more than any scripture in the Bible and I’ve been comforted by knowing “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. That He leads me beside still waters. That He leads me in paths of righteousness, and even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” That’s good stuff, and I’ve gone to that so many times, but there’s a verse in here for some reason I didn’t catch until recently – “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”  

When I think about being in the presence of my enemies, I go back to every war movie I’ve ever seen – and I like those kind of movies – GladiatorBraveheart– movies where you see the battle lines drawn. 

I’ve been in some moments where I felt like there was just an army coming after me of darkness, and if you imagine – there are just thousands and thousands of these dark soldiers coming after you, right? And you’re praying, “God come help me, Lord Jesus you’ve got to help me” and Jesus shows up with a table, what would you do?

I mean you’re so glad that Jesus is finally here because there are thousands behind me banging their swords into their shields and stepping closer and closer to me. And now Jesus is here, but He’s got a table. I would’ve thought maybe a sword, maybe a machine gun or two. Cannon, lasers, anything, but a table?  I’m imagining Jesus setting a table in front of me. I can feel the army getting closer. I can almost feel their breath on the back of my neck and He is laying a cloth over this table. 

Can you imagine reasoning with Jesus at this point? Jesus, you’re here. You’ve got to save us. We’re not going to make it through this point and He takes out some bread. Here in the presence of my enemies Jesus says, “You have got to try this bread. Have you ever been to this little bakery on the outside of town? This little husband and wife make it.” As He’s speaking He’s setting the plates and breaking the bread and I’m thinking, “Jesus, the enemy is right here. They’re going to take us down right now.”

Jesus starts pouring the wine and He starts serving this to me and in the middle of all of this He looks up at me and says, “Tell me, what was it you were afraid of again?”

That verse became real for me when I saw it in that way. As much as I think my Jesus should show up with a sword, how unafraid is He of my enemies when He can show up with lunch instead?

Jesus is stronger than any strength that will ever come against me and there is no darkness that will ever defeat him.  He can serve me lunch in the presence of my enemies. Find rest in that today. 

Where is fear invading your life? Pray for the Lord to reveal this to you. Pray for bold trust and belief in the Lord, “Lord, help my unbelief.” 

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