Matt Maher – Alive Again (Devotional)

The writing of “Alive Again” started 2 years before it was finished; I actually started writing it the same day that I wrote “Empty & Beautiful.” For some reason as I was writing that song, the chorus of “Alive Again” was born. About 2 years later I was driving from McAllen, Texas to San Antonio, Texas to catch a flight. The band and I left our hotel around 4:30 in the morning. As we were driving north I realized, at one point, that the sky had changed colors. It started at a dark, dark indigo and it was slowly getting lighter. The sun hadn’t broken the horizon yet and immediately the lyric came to me, “I can see the light, before I see the sunrise,” so after all that time, I had a chorus and an idea for a verse.

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Matt Maher – Psalm 42 (Devotional)

For the past 19 months, the biggest cross in my life has been the most unlikely, my 19-month-old son. His utter dependence on his parents is a source of much conviction for me, for I wish I had the same level of honesty. I know rationally in my mind that the love of God and the subsequent grace that flows from it are all I need. Yet I struggle with proclaiming that truth to myself in my life.

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Matt Maher – Mighty Fortress (Devotional)

I was driving down to Atlanta from Nashville in August….and a melody came to my head…along with the phrase, “You are our salvation; our stronghold, our strength; You are our foundation, mighty fortress is Your name. Obviously that really isn’t a name of God, but that’s how ideas sometimes start – as abstract phrases and melodies….it eventually turned into the song, “Mighty Fortress.”

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Matt Maher – Burning In My Soul (Devotional)

People often forget that the apostles were gathered together at Pentecost out of fear of persecution. But God used that time of fear, of doubt. In a sense, he was building a foundation of faith that He would set on fire at Pentecost so the fire burning would be burning slow, and not just kindling. So they were afraid, yes – but they were still together. They were unified in their need for God and for connection with each other; and with Judas replaced by Mathias, they were in a sense complete and ready.

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