Vertical Worship – “Simeon and Anna” (Devotional)

The holidays have a way of marking time. Like birthdays or anniversaries, holidays remind us that we’re older. These reminders help us evaluate our lives through a wide-angle lens. It’s the wide-angle, longview which reveals to us our progress or lack there-of, our achievements and disappointments, our joys and our suffering.

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Vertical Worship – “Do You Have A Place For Him?” (Devotional)

The Christmas story is so familiar. Many people have heard it since they were young, in one way, shape or form. The manger scenes, the shepherds, the wise men are all a part of a cultural narrative that has been told and retold for two thousand years. With a story so familiar, it’s easy to think it has nothing new to teach us. Yet, the word of God is living and active — which means it works in us in new ways every time we digest it.

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Vertical Worship – “Hallelujah Amen” (Devotional)

Names are very important.
I remember visiting my high school a couple years after I graduated and running into one of the more stern teachers I’d had. “Hi, Mr. Finch.” Warmly, my former teacher said, “Call me Scott.” I was a bit taken aback at first. We weren’t on a first name basis when I was a student. But our relationship had changed. The teacher/student dynamic had morphed into something more personal.

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Vertical Worship – “Over All I Know” (Devotional)

I am a competent person. I have a job, I pay my rent, I file my taxes early. (Well, I did once.) I am a great person to have at parties because I make other people feel comfortable and welcome. I can make dinner for friends and have been doing my own laundry for quite some time. I read books and keep up with news. I can have a decent conversation about the merits of several baseball teams.

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