Red Rocks Worship “Nobody Like You”: Devotional #3

“You are the Author, the Creator of it all. You stand alone.”

One of the most important facets in our relationship with Jesus is to give Him praise. It’s part of why in many churches around the world we spend at least a portion of the service singing Jesus’ praises through music. Sometimes those praises speak to the goodness of God the father, or Jesus our savior. We praise Holy Spirit for being on our side, or God for his unstoppable might. In the bridge of “Nobody Like You” we give praise to Jesus by recognizing that He is set apart in perfection. And while we recognize that there are indeed kings and rulers here on Earth, NONE of them are King above Jesus Christ. He is king above all. In the same way, there are beautifully built thrones inside of amazing structures all around the world, but all of them are lower than the throne Jesus sits upon. As the author of our salvation and One with God, Jesus’ name is higher than any other name.

The thing about authors is they inherently have this amazing ability to create something beautiful from nothing and that’s exactly what Jesus did with our faith through grace. So in Hebrews 12:2 when it says, “looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,” we must recognize that in this sense Jesus is the reason for our faith and our salvation. What I love is actually the word “looking” in that verse. When it says we are to “look to Jesus”, it means we are literally to take our eyes off of one thing in order to focus them on Jesus instead. Following Jesus takes intentionality. We have to choose to take our eyes off of the fears, stress, and burdens of the world and instead focus them on Jesus’ promises. We can’t passively seek after Jesus. We give Him everything because he’s worthy, but also because it’s a two sided relationship.

Where are you at with your relationship with Jesus? Has it been passive as of late? Have you been weighed down by life’s burdens and perhaps spent too much time focusing on them? Instead, today let’s do what Psalm 148:13 says to do, “Let them praise the name of the LORD, for his name alone is exalted; his splendor is above the earth and the heavens.” It is by praising Jesus in all His splendor, and by shifting our focus to Him that we in turn are released from focusing on our struggles. Jesus wants freedom for you today, all we need to do is fix our eyes on Him, the King above all Kings.


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