Tauren Wells “When We Pray”: Devotional #3

Today, I have two questions for you…

The first is a question Pastor Tim Rutledge asked me years ago: “If God answered the prayers you’ve been praying, would it change anyone else’s world but your own?

The next is a question God put on my heart: How much of God’s miraculous power are we unable to experience because we never pray prayers that are bigger than us?

Now of course God is concerned with the details of our lives, and what a glorious truth that is! But He’s much more concerned with His kingdom, will, and glory being expressed through our lives as we activate His power through our prayers on behalf of others.

In the world in which we live, with the deep issues and problems we face as people, we often look to governments, kings, policies, presidents, and world systems to cure the symptoms of the spiritual depravity present in humanity. The truth is, we will always come up short hoping to cure the ills of society with man-made systems. There are many strongholds that dominate our culture. We often point to a people group or a person on which to place all the blame for the issues of our culture. However, the Bible teaches us that it is never merely a person—“flesh and blood”—but spirits—“principalities and powers”—that we actually fight (Ephesians 6:12). Spiritual issues require spiritual solutions. The answer to spiritual strongholds is prayer. Prayer will do more than politics, protests, or even pulpits. Practical solutions are good and necessary to manage symptoms, but they are ultimately inadequate in overcoming them.

Who and what can you pray for today beyond your own immediate circumstances and dreams? How about praying for the several thousand victims of human-trafficking? Pray that God would expose the deeds of evil people and bring rescue to those held captive. How about praying for presidents, kings, and countries? Pray that God would grant godly leadership, justice, and harmony in various places all over the world. How about praying for that girl in your class or that co-worker at your job? Perhaps they need encouragement and hope.

Pray prayers beyond the scope of your own life, and watch what God will do in your own life.


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