1 Girl Nation – “Invade” (Devotional)

Have you ever been in a completely dark room? A room so dark, that you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face? In this room, there is no sense of direction or safety or whether or not you are even by yourself. It is such an isolating place to be. Thankfully, it only takes a small candle or lamp to light an entire room that is engulfed in complete darkness. It’s amazing the power light holds over the dark.

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1 Girl Nation – “Turn Around” (Devotional)

When we’re touring on the road, we sometimes have to navigate our way through the downtown of big cities to get to the venue. However, in our case, it means we’re trying to get where we need to go with a 40 foot long tour bus and an additional 12 foot trailer. For example, our bus driver has to carefully make his way through the city via highways, overpasses, under bridges, through tunnels and sometimes narrow one-way streets. And getting lost in a big city, down a one-way street in a tour bus is a TOUGH spot to be in! It’s nearly impossible to turn around. The streets aren’t wide enough, the alley-ways are too small, etc. In other words, it feels like we’re trapped and like we’ll never get out!

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1 Girl Nation – “Count Your Rainbows” (Devotional)

The story of Noah is astounding. We all know the story. If you truly think about what was asked of him from the Lord and how he responded, it should increase your faith. Fact is, he had never seen or experienced rain. He had never heard thunder, splashed in puddle, or seen lighting for that matter. And now he’s to expect enough rain to completely flood the Earth and all of creation? Oh, and by the way…build a boat large enough to carry a zoo, the size of a football field.

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1 Girl Nation – “In The Eyes” (Devotional)

Growing up is hard. Looking back on my toughest years in junior high and high school, I recall so many moments when I was trying to figure out who I was, even into my college years. It’s in those years that we begin to build and create our identity and those years play a crucial role in who we develop into and become later in our lives. Except sometimes I think we build our identity on the wrong foundation. The world tells us lies—so many lies about our worth. It tells us how much money we should make, what it takes to be considered “successful,” what we’re supposed to look like, what inner circles we should be part of, and how to become completely self sufficient, lacking any need for God to be the centerpiece of all we do and are.

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1 Girl Nation – “Live For You” (Devotional)

We’re all in different seasons of our lives. As children, we lived for the approval of our parents, siblings and maybe even our grandparents. As teens, some of us perhaps lived for the attention of the opposite sex. We lived for the chase of that girlfriend or boyfriend. As young adults we live for opportunity…that new job, that big deal we hope to close, or even fame of some sort. The cycle continues as we grow older, but takes on new shapes and sizes. We live for acceptance of our peers, the pursuit of money or possessions, or the possibly the most damaging of all…we live for us. Ourselves. No one else. Unfortunately, many times, these things leave us unfulfilled and empty. An unquenchable thirst.

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