Building 429 – “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” (Devotional)

So many songs in my history have been just that… songs that we sang about the Glory of God and about the anticipated arrival of the baby Jesus. Honestly a lot of the language in these old classics was lost on me until we decided to record “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.” I decided maybe it was time for me to look into what the title of the song meant. So away I went to the dictionary and guess what I found out? The title of the song literally means “Listen attentively…. An angel that carries important news is singing.” After all of my years of singing the song I had never thought about what the title even meant. Luke chapter 2 verses 8 -14 delivers the account of what the angels actually sang …

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Building 429 – “Set A Fire” (Devotional)

We were touring like crazy and played a show in Canada. Afterwards, I had to drive through the night to Ottawa with no sleep after four shows, fly from Canada to Miami to Haiti for three days. Then, I had to fly straight back out to the road and play a bunch more shows. I was exhausted. I’d already been to Haiti twice before and the last time I was in Haiti, was a huge disaster. There was an uprising and we got stuck for a couple of weeks. We were hiding in a closet in a house for several days.

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Building 429 – “Best And Worst” (Devotional)

If you’ve never read the book of Job you need to. WHY? Because it’s us. Job is you and me… ok so maybe he’s a bit better than you and me. He’s the most faithful man in all the land… and Satan decides to pick a fight with God. God says “Job is my man. He’s my Michael Jordan… he’ll never quit, never doubt, and never surrender… then Satan says “cool so the bet is on?” God says “Yes, but you can’t kill JOB” I dare say NO ONE WOULD WANT TO BE JOB. Can you imagine?

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Building 429 – “Revolution” (Devotional)

Sometimes a question creeps into my head. “Why would the world want the Jesus that they see in me?” I think it’s a fair one to ask. Why would they want what we have? I’ve got to be honest, many times when I look at those who are proclaiming the VICTORY IN JESUS, I don’t see anything that resembles victory at all. In fact I see a whole lot of people that tend to live in defeat. They say things like, “it’s ok brother I’m just passing through” or they quote my song “where I belong” and say things like “I’m just glad I’m not home yet.” REALLY GUYS? We’re really stumped as to why non-believers don’t want to hear about Jesus?

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