Elle & Tom Limebear – “This Is Who YOU Are” (Devotional)

Our perceptions of the world shape the way we relate to the world. In a similar way, our perception of God shapes the way we relate to God. If we think that God is small, then we’ll live our life in a way that reflects that. If we think that God does not love us, then we’ll spend each day living in a way that reflects that.

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Elle & Tom Limebear – “Jesus: THE Truth” (Devotional)

I really enjoy Instagram. It’s a platform that I love sharing aspects of my life on. It’s great to see what my friends are up to when I’m away or to hear the latest news from my family. It’s incredible to have a platform that gives the opportunity for people to express themselves and share what’s on their mind to the world.

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Elle & Tom Limebear – “God Cares For You” (Devotional)

One of the great mysteries of our faith is how our God is totally infinite yet completely intimate. He holds the world together, yet still holds our hearts within his hands. He split seas and calms storms, yet breathed into our very being to give us life. He speaks and the seasons change, yet he knows every tiny detail of our lives.

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Elle & Tom Limebear – “Surrounded By God” (Devotional)

My husband Tom wasn’t brought up as a Christian. At the age of 18 he was invited along to a church gathering for students and experienced something of God for the first time. Later that year he gave his heart to Jesus and that changed the trajectory of his life forever. If you speak to Tom he will tell you that his personal revelation of Jesus came when he was 18, but his awareness of God being with him throughout his life was constant. Whether or not you are aware of God doesn’t change the fact that you are surrounded by him.

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