Moriah Peters – “You Carry Me” (Devotional)

It was 2:17 AM and my eyes are swollen from crying in my bunk on a tour bus, my spirit felt like crushed glass and I was emotionally exhausted. Perhaps I’m the only one who’s ever felt that way, but I doubt it. Think back to a time in your life where you were hurt, disappointed, wronged, or disrespected. Did you ever wonder why God had allowed you to walk through such a time? Why he didn’t carry you through that hard time? What comfort is there for us in times of desperation?

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Moriah Peters – “Waterfall” (Devotional)

People often ask me about the word, “purity.” Since getting married, I’ve realized that unless we’ve dissected the word, “grace” first, we’re wasting our breath. In other words, trying to understand purity without knowing grace is like trying to watch an IMAX 3D movie without 3D glasses. Everything becomes distorted and unclear.

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Moriah Peters – “To Leave It All Behind” (Devotional)

I was 19 years old and had been dating a wonderful man by the name of Joel for 2 years. It was a healthy relationship and Christ was growing us in love and faith but poisonous fear began to creep in. It took its effect in my mind, causing me to tremble at the word “marriage.” These doubts kept me from loving Joel extravagantly, “Am I good enough?” “Am I too young to be a wife?” “What will other people think of me?” I was selfishly afraid. However, after 3 weeks of fasting and separation, I realized that I had allowed the fear of man to control how I lived and loved. I pleaded with God to help me overcome my insecurities and his grace proved sufficient. Days after getting engaged, Joel and I wrote the song, “To Leave It All Behind.”

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Moriah Peters – “Stand Strong” (Devotional)

Let’s take a moment to consider the word, “persecuted,” shall we? When I read this word, I skim over it, thinking, “Persecution doesn’t happen in America as it does in other countries.” Yes, that is true. There are Christians across the world being held prisoner, tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ and theirs is surely the kingdom of heaven. We cannot discard this word from our vocabulary simply because we are not being physically persecuted in the United States.

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Moriah Peters – “O Fear” (Devotional)

Fear is a funny thing – or at least it’s something we’ve be trained to take lightly. Scary movies, roller coasters and prank TV shows all prey on our worst nightmares. As much as I love a good thrill, I’ve realized that there’s a thin line between entertaining apprehension and crippling anxiety. This may come as news to some of us, but submitting to fear is a sin.

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