1 Girl Nation – “Vertical” (Devotional)

How many times in our life have we actually gone to God FIRST with our troubles, our desires, fears and dreams? Looking at my own life, I realize I do not do that enough. Honestly, most of the time, I don’t think to even share those things with the Lord first. I always find a way to express what I feel to friends and family before actually going to God! There’s obviously nothing wrong with sharing these things with those closest to us. It’s important for others to know those things that are on our heart, for accountability and fellowship.

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Building 429 – “Press On” (Devotional)

Have you ever prayed a prayer that God answered with a resounding yes? Have you ever said God if this happens then I’ll do that? Yeah me too… haha! It’s a bit stupid but come on lets be real we’ve all done that at some point. The last time that it happened to me was when we made the record “Listen to the Sound.” I had just become a worship pastor and was really ready to kind of turn the “touring gig” down a notch or two. 10 years of traveling had worn me out and I was really skeptical about whether God wanted me on the road anymore. So I prayed a couple of simple prayers.

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Tenth Avenue North – “You Do All Things Well” (Devotional)

It was five or six years ago when I got the call from a friend. “Your roommate Travis has malaria. The doctors don’t think he’s gonna make it.” Time slows. Your head goes foggy. You repeat the line in your head. “They don’t think he’s going to make it.” Travis had just gotten back from a four-month trip to Africa with three of my roommates; though I hesitate to call them roommates. At the time, I lived in a house with four other guys that were less like friends and more like brothers. To imagine one of them dying…well, it just wasn’t possible. A group of us quickly gathered in the waiting room at the hospital and began to pray. We prayed and prayed and ached and ached. We shouted, begged, pleaded, and we sat silent and the moment came.

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Matt Maher – “Psalm 42” (Devotional)

For the past 19 months, the biggest cross in my life has been the most unlikely, my 19-month-old son. His utter dependence on his parents is a source of much conviction for me, for I wish I had the same level of honesty. I know rationally in my mind that the love of God and the subsequent grace that flows from it are all I need. Yet I struggle with proclaiming that truth to myself in my life.

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