Royal Tailor – “Give Me Faith” (Devotional)

Have you ever felt like church was just a big game of Jesus says? Be honest. So, what happens when we get sick of playing the game? When we decide that what we’ve been asked to do crosses a line into the unreasonable? The answer for most of us in the room, though we wouldn’t openly confess it is, rebellion. Because somewhere in our finite minds we develop the logic that REBELLION = FREEDOM. If I disagree with rules, I’ll disregard them or ignore them. The Enlightenment was a movement that became very popular in the 18th century.

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Royal Tailor – “Start Over” (Devotional)

So, who is it? Who hurt you? Have you forgiven them? Have you been able to start over? If you believe God is who he says he is, and you believe his word is true then you must submit to the truth of this scripture. I’m sure you’d be the first to admit that you’re not perfect so it would follow that Jesus is willing to start over with us every day! In spite of how many times we do things against his word and his ways he is always willing to start over. Unless. Unless we are willing to start over with others. Jesus doesn’t work in circumstances and situations that we don’t give him. When we withhold forgiveness from someone, we are blocking God from being able work in that specific situation.

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Royal Tailor – “Makin’ Me New” (Devotional)

Spoiler Alert: Jesus isn’t something we just add to our life. He’s not someone who adapts to our life. When we become a follower of Christ, we lay our old life down and find our new life in Him. Through redemption we go from a life based on conforming to the way we see the world around us to being transformed by what Jesus is doing in us. God begins to change us from the inside, out — from internal to external.

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Royal Tailor – “You Are My Rescue” (Devotional)

Have you ever felt like you were running for your life? Maybe a better way to say it would be running from your life. At times we all want to run away from the pressures life brings in hopes of finding some relief and refuge from it all. This is exactly where we find Elijah in this story and yet we can easily see ourselves in this text as well.

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Royal Tailor – “Fight For Freedom” (Devotional)

We were all born with 2 fears woven into our DNA. Falling and loud noises; however, every other fear you and I possess is a learned fear. In some cases we learn to fear something based on our own experiences. In other instances certain fears are instilled in us by another person’s experiences, or perspective. Some fears we all live with on a daily bases may seem justifiable or reasonable. Others, if we were to really peer into what we have been told to be afraid of, just don’t hold up. The problem with fear is that it paralyzes and imprisons.

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