1 Girl Nation – “Count Your Rainbows” (Devotional)

The story of Noah is astounding. We all know the story. If you truly think about what was asked of him from the Lord and how he responded, it should increase your faith. Fact is, he had never seen or experienced rain. He had never heard thunder, splashed in puddle, or seen lighting for that matter. And now he’s to expect enough rain to completely flood the Earth and all of creation? Oh, and by the way…build a boat large enough to carry a zoo, the size of a football field.

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Tim Timmons – “Only One Standing” (Devotional)

I’ve spent my life building and propping up my own Kingdom of Tim within the walls of God’s Kingdom. I’ve become pretty good at this one and I’m afraid it has been part of my stunted growth. Who’s the CEO of your kingdom? I, along with many of the other country music lovin’ Christians out there, know the Carrie Underwood song Jesus Take The Wheel, but aren’t really letting Him drive. I am great with Him holding on to that wheel because He is God and He is all-powerful, but I generally feel just fine telling Him where to go! “Jesus surely take the wheel, but can you take a left turn up here and then a sharp right turn at the next fork in the road.” Am I the only one with that kind of audacity? I think not.

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Third Day – “Lead Us Back” (Devotional)

Right before he died, Israel gathered his sons together and left them with these words of encouragement. He didn’t know what God’s plans were, but he knew God. He knew God would be faithful to his promises. Hundreds of years later, Israel’s descendants found themselves held captive in Egypt. Surely it was difficult for them to hold onto these words, but God sent Moses to deliver them from chains of slavery. Later, when they met all kinds of trials in the desert, they clung to God’s promises because their lives depended on them. At times, they lost hope, and even disobeyed God, but God remained faithful even when his people were not, and he led them back to their homeland, just as he said he would.

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Building 429 – “We Won’t Be Shaken” (Devotional)

A benefit for those who had lost family members in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings was the first show we played this year. It really knocked some things loose in my heart. 10,000 people were there, and the families of the children who were murdered were there as well. The Lord’s will be done… that much was obvious as the night went on.

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