Rhett Walker Band “Wrap-Up” (Devotional #5)

As we focus on surrendering all of our fear, distraction, control, and selfishness, we all will probably mess up. Remember that none of us are perfect, but in all of our mess-ups and failures, let’s remember His love never changes. I know I beat myself up when I make mistakes, and there are a lot of people living their days feeling hopeless and beat-up, but remember there is no hope outside of Jesus.

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Rhett Walker Band “Selfishness” (Devotional #4)

No matter how much we don’t want to believe it’s true, we always find ways to look out for ourselves, ol’ me first. What if we really did live a life free of fear, clear of distractions, and out of control in Christ, living to show people love? What if, regardless of social status, race, or background, we ran freely showing love, knowing not everyone was born into the same status, not everyone has the same abilities and not everyone always has a great day, and we truly walked intentionally looking to make someones day better? That’s the world I want to live in.

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